Ravees is spread over a vast expanse creating a perfect ambience for an aesthetically pleasing school building. The awe-inspiring digital classrooms, fully equipped science laboratories, state of the art computer labs, & libraries with books that span out over time, space, cultures and genres are provided to all students to ensure high engagement.

To further aid the process of learning, Ravees provides for auditoriums, sports arenas and grounds for physical fitness, indoor games and hobbies chambers, along with Arts & Crafts room for our students to showcase their innate creativity and flair.


Well stocked with books integral to the teaching & learning process.

Science Laboratories

Hi-tech equipment useful to students to explore the practical side of studies involved after the theoretical curriculum. A pitstop for innovation and discovery of their own.

Computer labs

Ravees understands the advent of technology and its direct impact on students, hence, facilitating the best tech of computers for their students to explore the digital world.

Art and Class Room

Helping students to explore their creative side with the help of the Arts & Crafts room.

Digital Classrooms

Giving students real-time digital education, using tools of audio-video apparatus, to enable students to be highly engaged in every session.


State-of-art, highly equipped auditorium, to host all events, indoor competitions, debates, and other activities to engage the whole Ravees group together under one roof.


Modern-day with effective safety provided playgrounds and play area for the child to relax, socialize and interact to have fun with other students.

"Your Child is Our biggest project for Life."